Off my block!

Village Taverna

Village Taverna



Back from 10 wonderful days in  beautiful Crete with the family, and what a lovely break it was, lots of bracing swimming, and walking in the nearby gorge.

But to greet me home were the foam blocks that I promised to transform on May 11th, into two garden seats.  Not one to disappoint I set to,  feeling full of optimism after my 10 days off.  If anyone is contemplating this task do not be put off!  I was  advised to attack these 4 inch thick blocks with the serrated edge of the bread knife, dont do it!  Success came with a six inch filleting knife, a nice smooth cut.  It reminded me of filleting a very thick fish but instead of scales there were loads of  messy foam crumbs, but on the plus side no fishy smell.

I have also decided that it would be a mistake to cover the blocks  with the upholstery fabric directly on top, I have used a bed sheet as a liner as the foam clings to everything and it would be impossible to fit the blocks into their covers.

I am picking up my trusty Bernina tomorrow as she has had a break at the repair and servicing shop! Will get  these seats  finished by Wednesday with any luck, only hope they get used this summer.

My Monday Make

Today the weather is said to be reaching the late teens in temperature, oh wow! And it’s still only May!  Which has made me think I had better crack on with my next sewing request. new covers for an outside bench seat!

Not too much of a challenge technically, but whenever I attempt a new sewing project that comes straight from my little brain I get a little nervous!  I have some great cream canvas for the covers and think Velcro will suit as a closure! Any one who has any ideas are very welcome to suggest!

Foam blocks

Sitting softly