Childs Quilt Top for Nepal

The New Comrade Quilters group Godmanchester, have finished this bright and cheerful quilt top to hopefully brighten some Childs life after the devastation caused by the earthquake.  The technique was Mile a Minute and only took a few hours to complete.


New Comrade Quilters Group

For Nepal

Scrappy quilt, quick to make.


For a school in Lusaka

For a school in Lusaka

Thought I would tell you about one of the two sewing groups I go to as regularly as possible, if holidays do not get in the way that is!  This group is fairly new and we are all new to the patchwork quilting thing.  There are two lovely patient ladies who help, suggest and comfort when we make boo boos, but generally we just have fun!  We are also trying to help others, unfortunately if only in a very small way, but at the moment we are busy making quilt tops for the people in Nepal affected by the earthquakes recently.  We are making scrappy quilts using random fabrics and colours, pieced into 5 inch squares and then we will be joining them up.  It was suprisingly quick and easy to do.