Holiday Dilemmas

Hello to all you lovely fellow creative stitchers!  I am after your help, I am going on holiday for a whole month, and yes I know I am really, really lucky!

I need your help because if I don’t have anything to do during those quiet moments(?) I think I will go a bit stir crazy.  We are holidaying with family in Cyprus, and we know the place very well.  So sight seeing will not be top of the list in the height  of the Mediterranean summer .  Also there is only so much swimming and sunbathing/napping you can do!

I am already cramming a braid making wheel in my case, which is very light, and the makings for some hand quilting, Folded Star or Somerset QuiltIng.

Somerset Quilt

I have given you a link to a lovely example shown on Pinterest, don’t think my effort will be anything like that.  I should get out and about a bit and see if the Cypriot ladies enjoy patch work quilting or fabric crafts in general.  I know the ladies up in the Troodos Mountains make the most pretty laces. Lefkara used to be the centre of the hand made laces you see, but  I do not know if the tradition is still ongoing.  When we were in India, the people I chatted with were perplexed with the idea of cutting up perfectly good fabric to sew up again in a pattern to make a quilt.  My explanations when asked what I was buying for, were obviously different!

Any portable sewing ideas would be very welcome!


The Island of Aphrodite, Cyprus

We  have been away again and now I want to get back into my other passion, sewing!  But I keep thinking about our latest visit to this challenging Island of Cyprus!  We have been visiting it for about 30 years on and off, and our visits concentrate mainly on the Southern Paphos region, Pissouri especially.

Our children spent three happy years here during their primary school years, and they too are constantly drawn back to visit and renew their memories and have their own experiences with children of their own.

This last holiday we visited Limassol old town, which is now being gentrified with a huge new marina and seafront.  I used to shop for dress fabrics down its main street which we named ” Zig Zag Street” and dealt in Pics and Cyprus Pounds.  Now it is Metres and Euro, not nearly half as much fun!  One of the shops is still there, though for how much longer I don’t know.

We had a spectacular lunch of kebab and salads high up on a ridge overlooking Akamas, a particularly empty and breathtaking peninsular on the eastern coast.  Followed by a cooling swim in nearby St Giorgious bay, perfect!

Aphrodite’s birthplace continues to intrigue me, a fascinating island that is so rich in history that I sometimes wonder why it wants to embrace so completely, all the not so nice aspects of modern day livingSouthern Cyprus in the Akamas regionSAM_3480SAM_3435Perfect day!.

A couple of these photos were taken on previous visits, but I have posted more of my favourite Cyprus shots on Pinterest. Click the button below.

If you would like to know more about the history of Cyprus I really recommend the following reads:- ” Bitter Lemons ” by Lawrence Durrell and ” Journey into Cyprus” by Colin Thubron