And this little piggie stayed at home, for the time being that is!

Peony Piggie

Peony Piggie

This little pig has been a journey for me!  It took ages to try and find the right pig head fabric, and in the end I had to use a cushion bought from my local furnishing store.  But it was worth the search as she is wonderfully soft and silky.  And the plush fabric is much more fun as a pigs’ head than a  boring cushion!

I am wondering whether to make her a partner as it would be nice to have a family of pigs, I could even make smaller piglet versions!  In fact I could make a whole farmyard of animals to add to the rabbits and pigs.  I mustn’t get carried away, a dress pattern has just landed through my door.  A nice thick one in sizes 4 – 16  so in case I don’t get round to making  it up soon I need not worry about increasing from my usual size 10.  It was supposed to be for a family meet up this week end but I take ages to cut out and sew something even if I had the fabric.

Here is a shot of Peonies’ rear view, think she may need fattening up a bit!

Rear view

“Goodbye” without even a back wards glance!

Dog Days of Summer

We are getting near the end of the glorious summer hols and a different family day out to Hatfield House Hertfordshire was on the agenda.  Perfect for me my hubby, daughter granddaughter and beagle dog, all kept busy on a long walk round the parks of this wonderful old palace.

A brief history of the house then! Still lived in by the 7th Marquess and Marchioness of Salisbury, it has been in their family for 400 years.  The house is a superb example of Jacobean craftsmanship and was completed in 1611 in Elizabeth 1 reign. Although we did not go in, having a dog with us and a seven year old who would not have appreciated such things(!) the exterior of the house is built in that wonderful red brick and the details in the decorative brickwork and carvings is beautiful.

Entrance to Hatfield House from the rear

DSC00938 A few Chimneys to clean.


Hatfield from the back

A visit inside the house will have to wait till the oldies are by themselves!

The walk around the park is long enough to tire everyone out and the open parkland gives you a pleasant breathing space to enjoy.  We had a lovely picnic by the lake and sat on a carved out log for a bench with this inscription.

Bench Inscription.

Bench Inscription.

Lakeside Picnic View

Lakeside Picnic View

Louis the beagle, always likes a bit of a cool off during these moments and tried his paws at carp fishing, but no joy luckily, we would probably have been turned out if he had landed a catch.

drying off

Drying Off

It is said that the then Princess Elizabeth I heard of her accession to the throne from her father Henry VIII, whilst standing on this spot under the tree pictured below, although the original tree has now been replaced by this upstart!  Hatfield was often visited by Henry and his family.

Elizabeth I oak tree

Elizabeth I oak tree

Oak Tree Inscription

The park has an ancient collection of trees and there are several oaks that seem to survive, even though most of the trunk and branches are in decay.  Thought I would end this short item about this lovely place with these three pics. It about sums it all up!

Stone Face on a gate pillar.

Stone Face on a gate pillar.

Oak Tree face

Oak Tree face


Hatfield viewed from the Avenue and showing the latest art installation for 2015 a water rill.

Piggy Bag

Piggy Bag Face DSC00933DSC00935

This was a really speedy make, for me anyway, I made it in 4 hrs (including lunch as I need food when sewing).  I have a gorgeous great niece, who’s first birthday is coming up on Monday and I haven’t met her yet!  That is awful, and there is no real excuse except they live quite a distance away, and everyone is always busy these days.  So I set to and thought she may like a little animal bag and this Simplicity 1386 Pattern bag is so cute.

I used this bright stripey fleece as children do like brightness and lined it with red and white spotty cotton.  There is nothing for her to pull off and eat, and the handle is only short.  So I hope she and her Mum like it!

If anyone needs a quick girl child’s gift to make, this may be it!

Happy Crafting

Lindy x

More White Rabbits, vintage 50s style!

Thought I would introduce you to these three new rabbits in my family or rather menagerie!  Luckily they are handmade ones so I will not need to build hutches or anything.  I am planning to try making pink pigs next, and I have some lovely soft pig pink fabric to try them with!

Rusty Rabbit

I am really getting a lot of fun making these characters and have been doing a lot of searching for ideas, out on the web.  When my granddaughter was very small,Mummy bunny and baby sitting

all the cuddly animals looked rather scary to me and not looking at all like any real animals.  So I was on a mission then, to sort something out and create soft toys that I remembered as a child.  On the down side though, my soft toys are not child friendly being handmade, but they will be unique and something to treasure when my granddaughter is older!

White Rabbit Day!

I have been producing white rabbits, not from my hat, but from my sewing machine and work box, and wondered what you thought?  They are similar to the soft animals that were made for me when I was a child, many many years ago and I thought it would be lovely to see if I could recreate them!  I think I am nearly there now and am happy with the overall result, but they are not made for children of today I am afraid!  Their clothes are firmly sewn on and there are little parts, like the carrot in Mrs Rabbits’ pocket that may indeed get eaten.

If any one has a bunny type name they would like to suggest, I am open to ideas.  I must add that Mrs Rabbit is a present for my great niece, but I am making mark two as I write this.

Have a lucky 1st August and hope you all remembered to say “White Rabbit”


In the garden.

In the garden.