Always read the instructions, or not…..

I have often come across errors when following dressmaking pattern instructions, and I guess they are bound to happen. But this one had me scratching my head till I decided to just stick with what I know and go my own way! Would not like to use this pattern if I was new to dressmaking.

What do you think about No 7 for attaching the collar?

Burda 2561

Burda 2561



4 thoughts on “Always read the instructions, or not…..

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  2. Oh dear this is my first go at this… Sewing lark… Have done a few a long time ago- but feel very new to it. Was looking on line to see if there was a step by step visual – like YouTube… Any thoughts???


    • Hi Kathryn. Are you sewing this pattern of blouse? If so I didn’t like all the hand sewing it seems to want you to do on the right side of the blouse. I am away from home at the mo so haven’t got access to books, but attaching a standard collar should be in most ref books, or of course on You tube, though I like diagrams! If you are using a different pattern the instructions may be fine of course. Sorry couldn’t be more help. Good luck Lindy.


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