Promise Stitch Log Cabin

In my other sewing group recently I was shown the refreshing art of the Promise Stitch method of Log Cabin.  Oh I am a convert now, and this is more how I imagined what patchwork quilting was all about when I first heard about the craft in the early 70’s.

The three promises which have given the method it’s name are:-

Always use the double stitch

Everything is by hand so no sewing machines here.

Share, share your knowledge, share your fabric and last but not least share your love.

No rulers or irons are involved either so if you are quite happy judging half and quarter inch seams by eye, you will be a happy sewer.

Promise Stitch log cabin.

Promise Stitch log cabin.

Looking at my two sample squares you can see the dimensions and uniformity of the strips are wobbly, but when this method originated women were finding new uses for old clothing. Perhaps we should reinvent the whole idea.

My information was originally on Bayou Quilts and Dolls.  Have a peep it is fascinating.

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