The English Lakeland

The Great Escape for us from Cambridgeshire to Cumbria, what a sense of freedom. So missed.

We drove there but left the car firmly in the car park in Ambleside and took to the bus, with our ” senior passes” its a no brainer. The roads are smaller and twistier than I ever remember, very pretty dry stone walling covered in wild flowers ferns and brambles. In June it was beautiful, and we had a week of almost dry and sunny weather. Its not called The Lakes for nothing!

The attraction for me to Ambleside Windermere and nearby Coniston is predictably Beatrix Potter and her legacy, the awesome countryside and the Herdwick sheep. They make me smile with their smiley faces. But I always find some connection with sewing and thread, this trip was no exception. We discovered Stott Park Mill one of the only remaining working wood turning mills making thread bobbins only now for the tourist industry rather than for the textile industry.

A selection of the bobbins

A few photos I think may give you an idea of the place, I hope you enjoy them too.

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