Thrifty Work

Its April and I have continued my pledge of not buying sewing fabric of any type, craft dressmaking or upholstery, that’s such a lot NOT to look at or buy!  Yes its been hard, but you don’t achieve great things without a bit of effort.  Restraint for me, is always an effort, so I have stayed away from markets shops and most difficult of all, the internet.

By writing about it here it becomes a therapy, commit it to the ether and you cannot erase the promise even to yourself.

Here are a couple of shots of my recent makes, resourced from my drawers and cupboards.

charity quilt1IMG_1916IMG_1920The brightly coloured single quilt is sewn up from unwanted pieces from other sewers, given not purchased so I am ok.  I am hoping to be able to sell it at an upcoming fair and donate the proceeds to a charity for the homeless.

The pattern plus the fabrics for the quilters carry case, were also donated.  It was quite a demanding project and it is not going anywhere!  It took great patience and will power to complete as the instructions were poor, but I reckon perseverence paid off in the end. My only cost was the 70 inch continuous zip length.  Happy me!

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