Rome – The Eternal City


A mosaic, not a painting, in St Peters.


Piazza San Pietro


Colosseum showing the newly built floor. Underneath was where the gladiators and animals were held before battle commenced.


First glimpse of the Colosseum from the metro.




Santa Maria Maggiore

My first visit to this most wonderful city of Rome, and I have left it so late! Makes you remember to travel while you can and are able.  Would not have been able to get round this beautiful place with wheels and muscle power alone.

We made a sudden decision to take a long week end, only a two hour flight from London and only 1 hour time difference, what luxury.  Travel around the great city is so easy, the Metro is very efficient and the trains are very open in design, you do not get claustrophobic!  Buses are easy to navigate too, and everyone is very helpful.  We had offers of help from passers by, but perhaps because they took pity on two poor old dears?!

I cannot possibly add anything to what has already been written about this city!  Every where you look there is another amazing basilica, piazza or ponte.  I had done my homework briefly before we left, and you need to, but the guide books cannot prepare you for the whole experience.  It is very busy with tourists, yes, and there are vendors and waiters wanting your business too, but I never felt threatened.  Everyone is very aware of the pick pocket nuisance too, but all you need to employ is common sense and a body purse.  My husband looks quite chubby in a couple of photos!

It goes without saying the food is delicious, I love all things Italian in the kitchen, maybe holding back on the pizzas a bit as they are so calorific.  So eating out is no problem and the wine just complements the food no matter your choice.  We had picnic lunches for a couple of days and the delis are very pleased to serve you their finest with a smile and good humour at our attempts at Italian.


Galleria delle Carte Geografiche ceiling

Trevi Fountain undergoing cleaning.

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