Burda 2561

Burda 2561

Burda 2561

DSC00799 DSC00801 DSC00802Finished making this blouse and found it quite straightforward once you got over the woolly instruction sheet! 

Anyhow I am no good at selfies and I have no willing photographer to take action shots of me modelling this creation, so you will have to make do with valet Vera who does an amazing stand in job! No wrinkles or sags  and bags anywhere!

It has now been worn and washed, and the lovely cotton is very comfortable.  Only prob was I put a home printed label in the side seam, and they don’t wash!  Will have to think of something else.  Any ideas anyone?

If interested I post on


This is a great place to get help ideas and motivation if you are into dressmaking.  I recommend a visit, hours go by without you noticing so beware!

There is some sort of problem with using  the button on this site to link with  Pattern Review unfortunately.

Happy sewing every one!