Sewn Up Gifts – SUGs

I knew when I finished paid work I would have the chance to do something that previously I always had to find the time for and then squeeze it in my busy schedule somehow.  And what I really adore is using a needle and thread.  I used to describe my preoccupation as sewing or dressmaking, but I find the activity seems to draw in more and more different techniques and materials, so I try not to say I am a dressmaker or patch worker or soft toy maker.  It is too restrictive.

I hope to keep a simple record of what I achieve, and maybe even contribute a little to others with their projects. I know there are lots of many wonderful professional and inspirational people out there, doing what I would like to do, so I have decided there is no time like the present!  I hope you enjoy my meanderings along the way to achievement!

Happy sewing everyone and we maybe even come across each other again!