Create your own dog walking bag!


Louis the Beagle after a long and thirsty walk.

Now I don’t own a dog, but I seem to go on a lot of dog walks with my favourite doggy friend, Louis the beagle and his friends.   He belongs to my daughter and her partner. There always seems to be much that needs to be taken along when you go for a short walk, which I find strange.  I always thought all you needed for a dog walk was a dog, a lead and perhaps a ball?

No!  We need treats, of various enticement value, a whistle, dog poo bags, (here in England anyway), hand sanitiser, mobile, toy, water and lastly and most important this, the dog and lead, phew have I forgotten anything?

I had a challenge given me, can I design the perfect dog walking bag for longer walks? My daughter knows I am  into bag making and thought this the ideal starting point for designer bags, I like a challenge!  I am usually found sewing toy animals, clothes, accessories and more recently patchwork quilting.

I thought I should ask here, if anyone has thoughts on this very important matter for dog walkers.  Now is your chance, what size is best, a cross body bag or round the waist? How many pockets, waterproof etc?

I would love any thoughts and I will do my best to design a bag that fits the bill. This is the fabric I am thinking of using.

guthrie & ghani

Take a peek at this great website for something different.

I am off on a short holiday, but there will be no dog walking, and will be dreaming of things to make on return, so don’t be shy  any suggestions will be considered!



6 thoughts on “Create your own dog walking bag!

  1. Hi Lindy, I am also a walker with no dog of my own!!I am now a dog’s granny!! I am amazed at how many professional walkers carry nothing at al!! One woman, had seven dogs and no pooh bags or water to be had! I take pooh bags plus a second larger bag to store the pooh in until I find the right bin.!Also a bottle of water and plastic bowl,for the dog, plus some for myself. Treats,ball /toy, lead my mobile, glasses, sunglasses,and a little cash . Some people have whistles, sticks and various waterproofs for the dog on wet days.I also carry a foraging bag or plastic box so that in the right season I can collect wild fruit. My ideal bag is a small back pack which can hold my waterproof too. It leaves hands free to throw things or untangle the dog from brambles if required.The fabric should be light weight goretex type material which is weather proof and easy to wash. Good luck with your project. All the best. Ann.XX

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    • What a lovely comprehensive list! Think I need to plan a very big bag!! But the back pack idea is good, as you say free hands and then just a small treat bag for the dog. Thank you so much for your input, you make a perfect dogs granny as well as a real one xx


  2. Hi Lindy,

    I am the dog owner of the dog granny above. As she is my mother I’m always going to disagree so here are my perfect dog bag requirements… Across the body satchel type is my preference then you can swing it behind you on a march but still access th contents without having to stop and take it off..
    I have a tatty old bag with two pockets on the front to carry poo bags and treats, inside I dump my purse antibacterial hand gel, house keys, tissues and wet wipes (my puppy is very friendly especially when wet so I regularly have to offer these to people on their way to work in suits) I also carry a spare ball, a pop up bowl and water bottle…. Come to think of it maybe I need a suitcase instead?!
    Can’t wait to see the finished item. Much love, Freya xx

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  3. I only walk my own dogs and know them well enough to know that they don’t need a lead, let alone treats or whistles. I just need a cross body bag (more comfortable to walk with) compact enough to keep poo bags and a mobile ‘phone. They drink from streams along the way so I don’t carry water. Maybe two designs are needed – one for the minimalist and one for the maximalist?!

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