Carrier Bag Charges by big retailers in England

Are you prepared to pay 5p for your plastic carrier bags from October?  Although quite a few shoppers will add the cost to their shopping bill, and maybe just shrug it off as a good money raising idea for charity, others may want to re-use their own stronger bags and not have to pay 5p to advertise their chosen supermarket or department store.

Got me thinking and as I had some strong printed cotton suitable for crafting bags I have made these tote bags in the photo and a storage dispenser bag for those plastic bags we may want to hang on to!  The bags are lined with red cotton and have strong straps, the plastic bag storage tube is made from a french style kitchen cotton print.

If anyone wants to be prepared the totes are £5 including postage (UK only) and the bag dispenser is £3 including postage (UK only).  I can make more if needed, just say the word!

I can be contacted on facebook or on

Reuse your bags.

Re use your bags.

2 thoughts on “Carrier Bag Charges by big retailers in England

  1. Although I don’t object to paying for carrier bags in supermarkets, it’s the environmental implications that make me use reusables whenever possible. Good idea to make some – I hope they sell well for you:)

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