And this little piggie stayed at home, for the time being that is!

Peony Piggie

Peony Piggie

This little pig has been a journey for me!  It took ages to try and find the right pig head fabric, and in the end I had to use a cushion bought from my local furnishing store.  But it was worth the search as she is wonderfully soft and silky.  And the plush fabric is much more fun as a pigs’ head than a  boring cushion!

I am wondering whether to make her a partner as it would be nice to have a family of pigs, I could even make smaller piglet versions!  In fact I could make a whole farmyard of animals to add to the rabbits and pigs.  I mustn’t get carried away, a dress pattern has just landed through my door.  A nice thick one in sizes 4 – 16  so in case I don’t get round to making  it up soon I need not worry about increasing from my usual size 10.  It was supposed to be for a family meet up this week end but I take ages to cut out and sew something even if I had the fabric.

Here is a shot of Peonies’ rear view, think she may need fattening up a bit!

Rear view

“Goodbye” without even a back wards glance!

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