More White Rabbits, vintage 50s style!

Thought I would introduce you to these three new rabbits in my family or rather menagerie!  Luckily they are handmade ones so I will not need to build hutches or anything.  I am planning to try making pink pigs next, and I have some lovely soft pig pink fabric to try them with!

Rusty Rabbit

I am really getting a lot of fun making these characters and have been doing a lot of searching for ideas, out on the web.  When my granddaughter was very small,Mummy bunny and baby sitting

all the cuddly animals looked rather scary to me and not looking at all like any real animals.  So I was on a mission then, to sort something out and create soft toys that I remembered as a child.  On the down side though, my soft toys are not child friendly being handmade, but they will be unique and something to treasure when my granddaughter is older!

3 thoughts on “More White Rabbits, vintage 50s style!

  1. Oh these rabbits bring back a very special memory. My nana gave me a rabbit when I was a little girl visiting her in Wales, and he looked like your white ones. He was beige, had that X nose, long skinny “arms” that stuck straight out to the sides, and long skinny legs and feet. My mom made him a little green plaid suit when the original outfit was too worn. I loved him desperately, and am sad to this day that he has disappeared. Nice to see another one!

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  2. Glad to have brought back some happy memories! I had several much loved soft toys as a child and often wonder what happened to them, I still have my teddy, perhaps we should have a soft toy memory show?!


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