New Look 3886

New Look 3886SUGs  It’s been such a miserable day today I thought I would finish this supposedly easy to make summer top and cheer myself up dreaming of wearing it somewhere nice and warm.  Well it worked, I feel very pleased with myself for not chucking it in after great problems with gathered seams and rubbish hemming with snarled up stitches on the sewing machine.

With camisole top Top FrontEvery time I get seduced by wonderful fabrics; this silk was from India and such a gorgeous colour, and I regret it later.  But I reckon it worked out OK.

In the end I made the hem using the cover lock and used the over lock to neaten the seams.  Getting it to sew without tension problems was a bit of a mare though! A couple of seams had to be ripped out and redone, but it was worth it!

Lucky old me had a camisole top which looks great underneath and I found the bow in my button stash, so I can feel virtuous too now! The silk top must have cost £5 to make, the pattern has been used several times and the silk was so inexpensive in India.

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