Sewn Up Gifts

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy it!

I thought when I finished work I would have the chance to do something I really love, which is stitching!  I used to describe what I do as a past time as sewing or dressmaking, but I find my interests are spreading further and the term stitching covers all.

I hope to keep a simple record of what I achieve,  and maybe even contribute a little to others with their stitching projects.  I know there are lots of many wonderful professional and inspirational people out there, doing what I would like to do, but nothing ventured etc!

Happy sewing everyone and we  maybe even come across each other again!




4 thoughts on “Sewn Up Gifts

  1. Hi Lindy, I’m a new blogger, too, and although not new to sewing, it’s been many, many years since I’ve put needle to thread. Now following your lovely blog. Oh, I think the seat cushions would look wonderful in a nice bold stripe like your beach bag!

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  2. Thank you so much jendavismiller for your kind comment! It’s getting fun this blogging thing! Re the seat pads, yes I agree but they are for my sister and she wants them to match other stuff, also I was up cycling some fabric! Stripes would be more fun I agree though then you would have to match!😊


  3. Ah yes, matching. My seventh grade sewing teacher (and my mother) drilled that into me. It sets my teeth on edge to see the shoddy matching in a lot of RTW garments. I hope you’ll keep us posted on the cushions, I’m very curious to see what you come up with for your sister. I am still getting my first project ready. My daughter is visiting from California (I’m in NY) and “playing” with her comes first for the next few days. Joy!


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